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Developer description

Are you one of those people that need those extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning? And even then you can’t get up? Well... We have an App for you!

We would like to introduce you to our new Snoozr App, a free, easy to use alarm clock available on the Apple App Store.

Since today most of us have alarm lists longer than our contact list we wanted to eliminate the need for multiple entries and create an alarm that needs only one input - Uptime.

Snoozr Aviator Edition alarm is an advanced vintage alarm that can be customized to tailor everyone’s sleeping routine. With unique snooze behavior and progressive intensity alarms Snoozr has everything you'll ever need to get up, just the way you want. 
Inspired by the legendary timepieces specifically built to exacting military standards. These exceptional watches have served professional pilots and are now available on your phone. 
Loaded with beautiful graphics, an intuitive interface that has been designed with great attention to detail and a rich list of features, Snoozr steps into a new era of smart alarms. 

Last updated 19 Lis. 2013